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  - Residential

Azha is a waterfront resort designed to be a luxury destination with international standards. Located in Ain Sokhna left side where the sandy beach is. Bringing together an active casual lifestyle with 5 Star comforts. The development on an area of nearly 1.6 million square meters with a waterfront stretching approx. 700 meters on the clear waters of the Suez Gulf branching from the Red Sea. Sublimely located on the left side of Ain Sokhna, Azha is a new resort
community for those who prefer a distinctively refined yet casual lifestyle. The tranquil waters are swimmable year-round, making it a coveted destination for outdoor adventure and activity.Featuring spacious and inspiring Residential Villas, a thoughfully-designed modern resort, signature restaurants, serene spa and community centers, and a host of exceptional amenities, Azha brings a new vitality to the authentic lifestyle of a city resort living.

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