CORE Real Estate Development is one of the most ambitious companies in the field of marketing and real estate consultancy in the Egyptian market because of its long experience in this field enabling it to provide its services to its clients at the highest level of good performance and distinguished and professionally through a sales team organized organized and trained on the highest level.

Our company is looking to be one of the leading real estate companies at the local and regional level through our clear vision of real estate market movement and growth. As a result of our vast experience over the last 20 years in this field.

Our company is aware of the importance of the real estate sector and its contribution to the advancement of the economy of the country, so we work to provide the highest performance to ensure the achievement of the equation of customer satisfaction and gain confidence on the one hand and achieve the objectives of real estate developers to ensure further development.

In Core, our main goal is to save time, money and effort to the customer. we know the needs of our customers and then take the appropriate measures to ensure that they get excellent results by providing them with all the projects in one place and telling them who is the best among them And why?

We make every effort to create a friendly and confident environment for our customers by Real Estate Market Research and Analysis to know everything that is new, updated, provide them consultation and realty evaluation to help them to make this decision as easy as possible for them.

We provide the highest standards of quality and integrity in residential and commercial property advisory services, so our reputation for professionalism in everything we do is earned by serving our clients and earning their trust.

We give careful consideration to preserving the value of real estate that we manage for you by through focus on the smallest details of investment return on your real estate portfolio.