Hyde Park – New Cairo – DUPLEXES

  - Residential, Villa

Featuring the extravagance and seclusion of a villa, with the convenience and coziness of an apartment. The exclusive, stand-alone duplex buildings are situated in a premium location nearby the villas, and offer scenic views of lush, far-reaching green landscapes. With different duplex designs and areas ranging from 234m2 to 274m2. Rising 3 floors above the ground, each and every building overlooks beautiful green vistas, and is conveniently spaced-out with well-defined boundaries. The exclusive duplex feature 4 units each, promising the privacy and seclusion of a private villa within the comfort and convenience of an apartment building. The inspired 3 and 4 bedroom duplexes are meticulously planned to feature spacious rooms, in addition to a nanny’s room.

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